Portrait of Brunette Female Smiling With Hand Under ChinDuring a facelift, Dr. Brian Eichenberg will help you look more youthful by removing excess skin and fat while lifting the tissue. Because tissue alteration is involved, the procedure can create bruising and swelling. To heal correctly during the facelift recovery period, it’s critical to follow Dr. Eichenberg’s post-operative care instructions. This is the best way to ensure optimal results.

Discoloration during facelift recovery can linger for several weeks, and the majority of the swelling should also subside during this time. To expedite facelift recovery, it’s recommended that you use cool compresses over the swelling for durations of 20 minutes at a time.

Once the bruising and swelling go away and your facelift recovery is complete, you’ll be able to fully appreciate the youthful improvements. Contact Dr. Eichenberg at his Murrieta office to set up a consultation today!