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Facelift Temecula

At Renuance,™ It's All About You. Renuance™ offers you the care, respect, and quality that you deserve. We want to help you achieve your vultation today to discover how you can enhance your look and your life.

Sagging skin and deep lines in your face can make you look older than you feel. To tighten that loose skin and smooth away those lines, consider the benefits of a face lift from Temecula area plastic surgeons at Renuance.

A facelift can achieve a dramatic rejuvenation. The concern for many patients: will the enhancements look natural? The answer is “yes” when you choose Dr. Eichenberg, a board-certified plastic surgeon who is exceptionally experienced, skilled and trained at some of the nation’s most prestigious medical institutes.

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Meet Dr. Eichenberg

Brian Eichenberg, M.D. has earned a reputation as a leader in the field of plastic surgery, as well as a leader in the community.

Meet Dr. Filip

Dr. Zachary Filip performs aesthetic surgery of the face, breast, and body as well as complex reconstructive surgery.

Meet Dr. Ford

Dr. Ford thrives on performing a variety of surgeries with an eye for detail and optimizing results.

Your Face Lift Procedure

Prior to your face lift, Inland Empire area plastic surgeon Dr. Eichenberg will meet with you to evaluate your skin and muscle tone and discuss your goals. In addition to correcting a loss of skin elasticity and muscle tone, a facelift may be desirable if you have jowls and deep creases between the base of the nose and the corners of the mouth, or have developed facial and neck wrinkles. Dr. Eichenberg is experienced in designing this procedure to provide you with smooth skin and well-defined contours.

To enhance the results, Dr. Eichenberg can combine your facelift with a neck lift. A neck lift corrects sagging skin and deposits of fat around the neck and under the chin, making you look younger and slimmer.

Depending on the extent of skin laxity and fat deposits, Dr. Eichenberg performs facelifts ranging from “mini” to “standard.” To keep you comfortable, these procedures are performed under local anesthesia with sedation, or under general anesthesia. Dr. Eichenberg makes incisions within the hairline (or along the hair margin) above the ear, extending down around the earlobe and ending in or below the hairline behind the ear. The subcutaneous layers and neck muscles are tightened, the facial skin is re-draped and lifted, and the excess skin is removed.

A picture is worth a thousand words, so we encourage you to view our Before and After Gallery of real patients and their results.

Note: The specific risks and the suitability of face lift surgery for a given individual can be determined only at the time of consultation with Dr. Eichenberg. All surgical procedures have some degree of risk. Minor complications that do not affect the outcome occur occasionally. Major complications are rare. Those concerns can be discussed with Dr. Eichenberg, Dr. Filip or Dr. Ford. The information on this website is not a substitute for a consultation. Call our Murrieta plastic surgery center at (951) 506-1040 or request a consultation online today.

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24687 Monroe Ave, Murrieta, CA 92562

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