At Renuance Cosmetic Surgery Center, Dr. Eichenberg is committed to finding the latest innovations and technological advances to help his patients achieve the look they want with the least recovery possible and the longest possible results. As such, patients seeking a Riverside breast lift from his surgery center in the future may have a new option that could help keep the implants where they belong, instead of seeing them move around the body over time.

Allergan is exploring a bioengineered silk-based biodegradable mesh that can be used to keep implants in their desired position. Dr. Eichenberg is cautiously optimistic about what this could mean for his patients. “While we have a high patient satisfaction rating for Riverside breast lift procedures, it is the nature of the surgery that some patients, particularly those who get large implants, see a shift in the positioning of their implants. A solution that can aid in keeping these implants where they belong is a winning proposition for both surgeon and patient.”

Interestingly, this technology is the first silk-based medical device the FDA has cleared for use. Dr. Eichenberg is currently researching it as a potential technology to introduce into his practice. However, he warns patients not to get too excited about the new technology just yet.

“My goal is to offer options to my patients that I feel are safe,” he says. “To date, there have not been enough long-term performance studies on this new technology to indicate whether or not it will work as they think it will or whether or not it will create complications.” But the technology, and others like it, are on his radar, and may be showing up in his practice in the future for those seeking a breast augmentation in Riverside.