Nude Woman Torso Covering Breasts With Arms CrossedWhen I perform breast augmentation in Temecula and Murrieta, patients agree that breast implants provide effective, long-lasting cosmetic benefits. But life-saving benefits?

TIME.COM recently published an article about a Canadian woman whose implants may have saved her life—or at least her breasts. During a shooting, a bullet passed through both of the woman’s breasts. The victim said her breast implants were destroyed.

Because of a breast implant’s soft composition, which gives it a natural feel and appearance, the implants probably would not have stopped a bullet coming head-on towards the chest. But in this case, it sounds as if the bullet passed through her breasts on a path parallel to her chest. Without the breast implants, it’s possible that she could have been more seriously injured.

During breast augmentation surgery, a pocket is created in the tissue to hold the implant, displacing natural tissue. If the bullet passed through these pockets in the breasts, the bullet may have missed more of her natural breast tissue, causing less damage to her breasts.

Once the woman recovered from her wounds, she had another breast augmentation to restore her enhanced breasts.