It is an age-old question plaguing plastic surgery – do breast augmentation and implants increase a woman’s risk for breast cancer? Experts have gone back and forth for decades about this question. Finally, the FDA has made a decision.

The FDA has always supported the use of breast implants. They long ago decided that there was not a link between implants and traditional forms of breast cancer, but a recent review of a possible link between implants and a particularly rare form of breast cancer, known as anapalastic large cell lymphoma, reignited the debate.

According to the FDA, there are only 60 cases worldwide in which women with breast implants developed this form of cancer in the breast. “This is a tremendously low number,” said Dr. Eichenberg, “compared to the millions of women who have the surgery.”

In the most recent report, the FDA says that there are no accepted studies that show implants cause any long-term health problems, which includes connective tissue diseases and breast cancer. The study looked at both saline and silicone implants that are currently FDA approved.

So is this the final word? “Anapalastic large cell lymphoma was the only remaining cancer to be ruled out in regards to breast implant patients,” said Dr. Eichenberg. “While new findings can always surface, it appears that for now, this is the final word.”

This is good news for those considering breast augmentation. Hemet and Riverside women have found that Dr. Eichenberg’s skills provide excellent results. To see before and after pictures of real women like you who have had this procedure at the Renuance Cosmetic Surgery Center, visit our gallery.