We recently told you about a case involving an Irish woman who was left very ill after a breast augmentation procedure performed by a Dr. Loiacono. The life-threatening infection was left untreated when she returned to the clinic, leaving her fighting for her life in the hospital and requiring removal of her implants.

In late July, a committee from the Medical Council recommended that Dr. Loiacono be removed from the register. In this and other negligence cases, the surgeon has been named in 10 High Court actions due to medical negligence. He was not present at the High Court proceedings and is believed to be practicing medicine elsewhere in Europe.

“I believe this ruling to be completely just,” stated Dr. Eichenberg. “As a surgeon who values each and every one of my patients, I find this case to be incredibly sad. Surgeons need to put the safety of their patients first above anything else, and Dr. Loiacono failed miserably in doing this.”

What is frightening is that the doctor is still practicing medicine in Europe. In spite of the court actions, he is believed to be practicing freely in Italy.

“This shows how important it is to thoroughly research any surgeon you are considering using for plastic surgery,” warns Dr. Eichenberg. “There can be a back story you don’t know about when you walk through the doors.”

The good news for American women considering breast augmentation is that Dr. Eichenberg has a very strong track record for breast augmentation. Riverside and Hemet area women have been very happy with their results, as before and after pictures found here attest to.