Female In White Shirt and Panties Holding Yellow Measuring Tape Around HipsThere are several ways to achieve your ultimate aesthetic goals. For most, diet and exercise is something they’ve already tried. They have hopes and dreams of a perfectly sculpted body but despite their efforts, they’ve been unable to achieve them. With the body contouring and implant surgeries available today, you can create the look of a tighter body through surgery instead.

Cosmetic surgery can do things that diet and exercise can’t achieve. “Sometimes the body is unresponsive to my patients’ efforts,” says Dr. Eichenberg of Renuance Cosmetic Surgery Center. “Cosmetic surgery is also best for healthy individuals who are having trouble meeting their goals, so prospective patients who are highly active are excellent candidates.”

There are also other procedures, such as breast augmentation or facial surgery, that improve or restore parts of the body cannot be changed with diet and exercise. If you are interested in improving yourself in this way, surgery is your only option.

However, there’s no better payoff than hard work. Body sculpturing can give you the toned look you’re after, but working out is the way to go for power and strength. Eating healthy and exercising regularly can do some of the same things that surgery accomplishes. “If you haven’t achieved your goals or lost more stubborn weight in certain areas, then we can explore your option in body contouring,” says Dr. Eichenberg.

To discuss your goals for cosmetic surgery, Riverside residents can visit http://renuance.com/plastic-surgery-practice-temecula/tour/ for more details about how Dr. Eichenberg handles these procedures to help both men and women look better.