Until recently, the first full face transplant performed in the United States were partial in nature. That is, they did not involve an entire facial transplantation, for reasons such as the lack of surgical expertise needed to handle such a long and laborious procedure. However, that has now changed as a young man from Dallas, Texas was the first person in America to receive a complete full face transplant at the Brigham and Woman’s Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts. Injured in a workplace accident in which his entire face was severely burned when the boom lift he was operating struck a high voltage power line, the 25 year old construction worker was not at the top of the list for candidates for the procedure according to his head surgeon, Dr. Pohomac.

Although skeptical at first for many reasons, including concern over the extent of nerve damage, Dr. Pohomac eventually decided to pursue the surgery as the odds were ultimately in favor of the patient being able to fully recover from the surgery, due in large part to his age. While the road to this particular surgery was incredibly extensive, Dr. Pohomac is confident that in the near future any glitches in the process, such as heightened risk of infection, will be diminished or altogether eliminated.

When asked about the first entire face transplant performed in the United States, Dr. Eichenberg said, “While obviously everyone is excited for the construction worker and the successful outcome of his surgery, this procedure brought aesthetic cosmetic procedures to a whole new level.” Dr. Eichenberg further added, “The advances are far-reaching and could even be beneficial for cosmetic procedures in the future” To learn more about Temecula cosmetic surgery, contact us today.