Does the idea of having a boob job while awake seem like something out of a nightmare? It is actually becoming a true possibility, and one that has been embraced by a surgeon in the UK. Advances in anesthesia technology are allowing women to have implants placed without the risks of general anesthesia. Instead, local pain medication combined with light sedation make the procedure pain free.

Currently not widely available, the technology in this type of surgery begins with a light intravenous sedation. The two sedatives leave the body within 30 minutes of surgery. Once the patient is groggy, a local anesthetic is applied to the breasts. A patient who was treated in this way in the UK described the feeling as being slightly drunk.

So, is this a good idea? Dr. Eichenberg warns breast augmentation patients to proceed with caution. “I love advances in technology, but before I would embrace this in my clinic, I would want to see that it is effective in preventing pain for all patients.”

Of course, there are some definite benefits. “If we were to embrace this technology as an industry, patients would be able to return home much faster after breast surgery, because there would be no need to watch them for problems and wait for the general anesthetic to wear off.”

While it may be a while before this type of surgery is available at Renuance Plastic Surgery. If you are considering breast augmentation, Hemet and Riverside women have trusted Dr. Eichenberg’s skill and competence for years. Visit our gallery for before and after pictures or to schedule your consultation.