If you have plastic surgery and experience difficulties afterwards, you need to seek further medical advice. If your surgeon tells you everything is fine, Dr. Eichenberg warns you to get a second opinion. “Doing so just might save your life,” he says.

Take, for instance, the case of Kay Murray, a 25-year-old Irish woman who underwent breast augmentation surgery in 2008. Soon after she developed a severe infection, becoming seriously ill and experiencing much pain. When she returned to her surgeon with her concerns, she was brushed off. Soon, she became so ill that she could not leave her home and was rushed by ambulance to a hospital. There it was found that she had had sepsis and was close to developing necrotising fasciitis.

This woman had to spend four weeks in the hospital and underwent nine surgical procedures just to recover from her infection. Her breast augmentation surgery results were completely destroyed, and regaining a normal appearance again is going to require a long serious of reconstructive surgeries.

So is the point of this story to scare women considering the procedure? “Not at all,” says Dr. Eichenberg. “Instead, I want to encourage women to follow through with their post-operative care, and to seek a second opinion if something doesn’t seem right. Not only can they save their own lives, but if the inquiry leads to findings about a particular surgeon, it might save the lives of potential future patients.”

Of course, you can limit your risk of complications by finding the right surgeon. Dr. Eichenberg is one such surgeon, with an excellent reputation for breast augmentation. Hemet and Riverside women frequently come to the Renuance Surgery Center to seek his expertise. View before and after photos of this procedure in our gallery.