Most of the people that come to the Renuance Cosmetic Surgery center have one question that tops the rest: what is my recovery going to be like from the Temecula plastic surgery procedure I have chosen? The answer to that question is going to vary tremendously from one patient to the next and from one procedure to the next, but one common thread is true – for many procedures, compression garments can help.

According to Dr. Eichenberg, “Compression garments are almost a miracle to the patient recovering from plastic surgery. They provide just enough support to minimize swelling, bruising, and even discomfort after surgery.”

The problem with compression garments is that, traditionally, they are bulky and uncomfortable, which means most patients will not wear them after they leave the confines of the hospital. New innovations have made medical-grade compression garments that fit more like women’s shape wear, and this is what Dr. Eichenberg is now recommending for his Temecula plastic surgery patients.

“These new compression garments can easily and comfortably be worn underneath clothing. They provide the necessary support for a faster healing and minimal swelling, without requiring the patient to change his or her lifestyle significantly,” States Dr. Eichenberg.

The limited swelling and bruising can also lead to shorter recovery periods for many patients who are hesitant to sport their new curves while still dealing with the effects of surgery, which is why Dr. Eichenberg strongly suggests them to all patients who undergo procedures at his Temecula plastic surgery center.

Whether you are having a Temecula tummy tuck or breast lift, find out the recommended compression garments you should have, and commit to wearing them as long as Dr. Eicheberg thinks you should.