Blond Woman With Eyes Closed Framing Face With HandsStronger than other peels, the deep chemical peel is purposed to permeate the epidermal layer and penetrate down into the dermal layers. There, a carefully controlled burn is established for a specified amount of time, uplifting old skin cells to allow for new ones to take its place. As a result, the skin is significantly smoother and complete with a rejuvenated appearance.

Patients are advised to stay away from the sun for several days following the deep chemical peel procedure. It is also a good idea to have a driver available to take you home when the treatment is complete. This is due in part to the sedation utilized to control any discomfort with the application.

Interested in learning more about a chemical peel? If so, contact skin care specialist and surgeon Dr. Brian Eichenberg. Dr. Eichenberg personally customizes each peel to yield the best possible results and uncover the skin beneath the damaged surface.