In early summer, a Calgary radio station launched the Calgary’s Breast Summer Contest Ever. When the contest was first introduced, it was met with outrage from many sponsors, saying that it objectified women and put too much of a focus on a “perfect” body image over a normal one.

But when the winner was announced, all of the criticism was dropped. The winner was a transgender individual who is in the process of surgically changing into a woman.

In the contest, Avery Mitchell earned 76 percent of the votes. She won out over 600 entries.

“I think this story shows the good that plastic surgery can do,” said Dr. Eichenberg. “Here it will be able to help Miss Mitchell live a normal life, even if that ‘normal’ may not seem normal to others. As a surgeon, my goal is to help each one of my patients find his or her true beauty, and that is what some lucky surgeon is going to get to do for this woman.”

The story also points to a difference between the taboos surrounding plastic surgery in Canada and the US. “I would hope the story would have a similar outcome here,” says Dr. Eichenberg, “but I have to wonder if the outrage would have been reversed if it did. Times are changing, though, and more and more people are realizing that cosmetic surgery is the way for many, including those who do not live a mainstream lifestyle, to embrace their true selves.”

Of course, it is more than just trangender people who can benefit from breast augmentation. Hemet and Riverside women who have been injured or suffered the changes that come from motherhood often turn to Dr. Eichenberg. To learn more visit breast augmentation page.