Close Up Of Brunette Young WomanThe brow lift procedure is a great surgical option for those looking to correct the sagging and drooping that occurs around the forehead due to aging.

Over time, our skin’s ability to remain tight, firm and wrinkle free is compromised. An aging brow or forehead can give the appearance of anger or sadness. A brow lift can help correct this and restore a more youthful appearance.

Most brow lift procedures are performed under general anesthesia, but the patient is expected to be able to return home after the surgery. Each patient is thoroughly assessed beforehand to determine which technique is right for them.

The advantages of the brow lift are significant considering that heavy hanging skin can push down and affect the upper eyelids, sometimes even to the point of impairing vision.

Dr. Brian Eichenberg will tailor the surgery to address each patient’s unique cosmetic needs and preferences.

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