Close Up of Neckline And Breasts In Black BraIn some cases, women can experience any number of undesirable results with their implants. This can occur right after surgery or over time. Breast revision surgery is a procedure offered by Dr. Brian Eichenberg that can correct the issue and help the patient achieve their desired outcome.

Each breast revision is handled differently because there are a number of different things the surgeon and patient are looking to achieve. Some of the corrections that Dr. Eichenberg has experienced from correcting the poorly executed surgeries of other doctors are asymmetry, implants that were placed either too low or high, and capsular contracture, to name a few.

To learn more about breast revision surgery, set up a private consultation with Dr. Eichenberg at his Murrieta office. From there, you should get a sense of why he has earned his reputation as an expert on breast surgeries.