Close Up of Red Lips and Large BreastsBreast reduction surgery is a procedure to remove excess glandular tissue, fat and skin to achieve a more proportional breast size for an individual. The technical name is reduction mammaplasty. Often this is not just an aesthetic procedure. Many women have mild to severe neck, shoulder and back issues from their large breasts. There is also an emotional component to having larger breasts. Many women feel very self-conscious and have a poor self image because of their large breasts.

There is no specific age limitation regarding breast reduction surgery. Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Eichenberg will wait until breast tissue development has completed before doing any surgery. In some cases, if a patient under 18 is experiencing debilitating pain or social anxiety, Dr. Eichenberg will consider surgery. Women of any age can undergo the surgery. Many do wait to complete childbirth and nursing, and some wait under they are referred by their general practitioner for back and neck problems.

There are no size limitations for breast reduction surgery. Dr. Eichenberg will look at your torso and discuss with you what size would proportionally fit you and your frame. Dr. Eichenberg can reduce your breasts to potentially any size but too much would not be ideal. If he were to remove too much breast tissue you would again be disproportionate but in the opposite direction. Dr. Eichenberg is experienced in achieving a proportionate result with the rest of your body.

Insurance can cover breast reduction surgery in certain cases. Generally insurers have a set of criteria that you must meet in order to get approval for payment. These criteria include that a patient must show debilitating symptoms directly attributed to large breasts and a patient must show that they have done everything in their power to resolve the symptoms. This can include losing excess body weight and physical therapy for pain relief. Dr. Eichenberg must also show the insurer that a specified minimum amount of breast tissue can be removed from each breast. He must also provide photographic documentation to the insurance company for pre-authorization.

It should be understood that breast reduction surgery will give a patient long lasting results. However, breast tissue is subject to change due to aging, weight fluctuations, hormonal issues and gravity. A breast reduction can give you relief from chronic physical pain as well as dramatically improve your appearance and posture.

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