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Breast Lift Temecula

Your breasts are part of the strong, dynamic image that you project to the world. You may have enjoyed perfect, perky breasts all of your adult life, but maybe you’ve started to notice some serious sagging.  Maybe the areolae have become very large. And maybe your nipples have started to point toward your shoes.  If these body changes are clashing with your true image of yourself, you can take charge and remaster your body profile with a breast lift. Every case is unique, but you can click here to see some before and after photos.

What a Breast Lift Can Do

A breast lift, formally known as mastopexy, can raise your breasts, remove excess skin, and even reduce the size of the areolae. The result is a fresh, vibrant appearance. You can once again feel comfortable wearing the clothes you love and jumping into the activities you may have been missing.

Dr. Brian Eichenberg and Dr. Zachary Filip are skilled plastic surgeons who achieve wonderful results through mastopexy. To reclaim the fresh body profile of your dreams, request a consultation now or call Renuance at (951) 506-1040 to schedule an appointment.

Meet Dr. Eichenberg

Brian Eichenberg, M.D. has earned a reputation as a leader in the field of plastic surgery, as well as a leader in the community.

Meet Dr. Filip

Dr. Zachary Filip performs aesthetic surgery of the face, breast, and body as well as complex reconstructive surgery.

Meet Dr. Ford

Dr. Ford thrives on performing a variety of surgeries with an eye for detail and optimizing results.

Considering a Breast Lift

You may be feeling nostalgia for the days when your breasts were perfect and you didn’t even think about them. Or maybe you always wished for a bit more perkiness to match your energetic lifestyle. If you are dissatisfied with your front profile, you might consider a breast lift.

With a breast lift, you don’t have to change the size of your breasts unless you want to. Options include removing some breast tissue or more commonly adding a breast implant to restore some lost fullness.  Dr. Brian Eichenberg, Dr. Zachary Filip and Dr. Rachel Ford have seen your situation many times and can walk you through all the options that will be available. Your surgeon will help you focus your expectations and understand the possibilities and the limitations of a state-of-the-art breast lift.

Evaluating the Risk

To opt for surgery is a serious decision because every surgery carries the risk of complications. You reduce the risk of complications by choosing a highly qualified plastic surgeon who will work in an accredited surgical setting.

Dr. Brian Eichenberg, Dr. Zachary Filip and Dr. Rachel Ford are expertly trained and exceedingly knowledgeable in breast lift techniques. In addition, they are gentle, understanding professionals with fine aesthetic sensibilities and they want the best outcome for you.

Dr. Eichenberg, Dr. Filip, and Dr. Ford only work at AAAASF fully-accredited Renuance Cosmetic Surgery Center in Murrieta, California, and in local hospitals. By not splitting their attention with other sites, they can focus on you and be available when you need them.  When you choose a dedicated plastic surgeon who has extensive training, you enjoy knowing that complications are very infrequent and rarely get in the way of a successful outcome.

How to Decide if Surgery Is Worth It

A breast lift is real surgery that requires serious consideration and attention on your part. If pregnancy is in your future, you may be wise to delay. Overall, only you can decide if a breast lift will help you feel more vibrant and more comfortable.  Consider whether you will feel more engaged in your relationships and your activities. Think about whether you might feel greater vitality in your professional life.

If you want help deciding, call the Renuance Cosmetic Surgery Center and chat with an understanding patient coordinator.  Or schedule an honest discussion with Dr. Brian Eichenberg, Dr. Zachary Filip or Dr. Rachel Ford.

When You Determine to Go Ahead

Once you have decided to reach for a breast lift, smile and appreciate the big step you have taken.  You will schedule a pre-operative visit to answer all of your questions.

You must be completely honest with your surgical team about your activity levels, your medical conditions, and anything you are taking. Your doctor wants to be totally prepared. At the pre-operative visit you will also receive the instructions that you will need to follow after your surgery.

Your Surgery

Your breast lift procedure will be custom designed for you. You and your surgeon will have figured out if you would like to include breast reduction or breast augmentation. Most breast lifts can be performed in the fully accredited Renuance Surgical Center. An experienced team will support your comfort and ease of mind.

Some of us would rather leave the technical parts to the surgeon, but if you like to do research, and want to study details, check out a reliable website such as www.plasticsurgery.orgwhich is offered by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. In the breast lift section you can read a full explanation. Another medically accurate site is which comes from the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons.


You will be able go home about an hour after surgery, wearing a specialized comfortable bra. In the days after surgery, light activity and socializing may be fine, but plan to opt out of your usual routine for a few days. Most women can return to a desk job after 1 week and strenuous activities after 2-3 weeks.  Again it depends on the type of lift and if additional reduction or augmentation is performed.  Your surgery team will guide you through the recovery process.


An expertly performed breast lift costs between $3,500 and $7,000, all-inclusive.  With breast implants the cost of a lift ranges from $7,000 to $10,900.  Renuance Cosmetic Surgery Center offers no-interest financing through CareCredit.  A Patient Coordinator can explain all of your payment options and help get you approved for financing even before your consultation.  Insurance does not cover this procedure except following surgery for breast cancer.

The Outcome

Imagine having your body match the vibrant person that you are. Imagine being able to wear the clothes you really want to wear. Be ready to celebrate the joy and self-assurance that will be reflected in your new profile!  Call Renuance Cosmetic Surgery Center today to start the journey.

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