Group of Woman Wearing Smiling And PinkBreast augmentations and breast lifts do have similarities, but women considering these procedures need to understand that they are different surgeries that have different end goals. At Renuance, Dr. Brian Eichenberg aims to help each patient find the procedure that best fits her end goal.

For breast augmentations, the goal is to change both the size and the projection of the breast. This is done through implants that increase the volume and size of each breast. Sometimes the increase is significant, causing a woman’s breasts to grow by several cup sizes; other times, it is slight, mainly aiming to even out the breasts and provide symmetry. This process can also help to lift sagging breasts, which somewhat overlaps with a breast lift.

A breast lift aims to raise the breasts to a more natural, youthful position without adding volume. Sometimes it appears to add volume by placing the breasts in a more natural position. It also adds additional firmness or improves shape and positioning of the breast. It can also reduce areola size in some patients.

Whether a breast lift or a breast augmentation, at the end of either procedure, a woman should have perkier breasts that sit in a natural position on her body. The choice depends largely on how the woman’s body looks and what her aesthetic goals are.

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