Woman With Black Hair Wearing Long Earrings and Beige Spaghetti Strap With Flower PrintWomen with oversized breasts suffer from more than just cosmetic complaints. Surgery provides relief for back pain and neck tension while improving mobility and quality of life.

Unlike many other aspects of plastic surgery, this procedure is often considered medically necessary. According to Dr. Eichenberg, “Breasts that are too large for a woman’s frame create many health concerns. The excess weight puts strain on the shoulders and neck. The excess breast tissue also makes it difficult for women to move well, making physical activity a real challenge. Breast lifts, especially when combined with breast reduction, can improve this by removing some of the tissue and securing the remaining tissue where it should be on the body.”

Of course, the procedure can also improve the patient’s quality of life by improving her body image. “Overly large breasts are rarely in the correct position,” says Dr. Eichenberg. “The excessive weight and the force of gravity pull them down. The primary goal of a breast lift is to reposition the breasts to a natural, beautiful position.” Women find their mood and self image are improved after the procedure.

Often, breast lifts and breast reduction are combined to further improve a woman’s image, but they do not have to be. Sometimes the lift alone is enough to improve mobility and self-confidence in women with large breasts. “I treat each patient as an individual, helping her learn what her options are and what will give her the results she is really seeking,” says Dr. Eichenberg.

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