If you are considering breast implant surgery, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Eichenberg of Renuance Cosmetic Surgery Center strongly recommends asking questions before your procedure. “The more questions my patients ask, the more confident I am that they have realistic expectations for their surgery and the potential outcomes,” replies Dr. Eichenberg. If you are not sure what to ask, consider these important questions.

Dr-Eichenberg-Breast-Implant-SurgeonWhat experience do you have?

Always find out about a plastic surgeon’s experience. This doesn’t just mean the number of years he has been practicing, but also the amount of experience he has in that particular type of plastic surgery. Ask how many implant surgeries he has performed, for example if you are interested in breast enlargement.

What complications have you encountered?

Don’t be afraid to ask about complications the doctor has seen. Ask about the reasons for these complications, and how the doctor addresses them when they arise.

What technique do you use for the surgery?

While many plastic surgeons will have a technique they prefer, make sure your doctor is skilled and experienced in several techniques. The preferred technique may not be ideal for your body type or the extent of enlargement you want. Find out what incision options you have and the implants used. If your doctor feels strongly about one technique over another, find out why.

Are there any warranties or is insurance available?

Breast implants sometimes puncture. Find out if the implants the doctor uses have a warranty, or if you can purchase insurance coverage to help if you face a complication.

What is your facility like?

Many doctors opt to perform outpatient procedures in surgical centers, even if they have hospital privileges. Don’t be afraid to ask for a tour, and ask about the technology and equipment used.

For more information on breast implants, visit https://www.renuance.net. We are ready to answer your questions about the surgery and help you embrace the curves you have always wanted.