Renuance_BreastImplantInsizersBlog_ImageDr. Brian Eichenberg, a breast augmentation and cosmetic plastic surgery specialist in the Temecula area, offers breast augmentation patients the opportunity to see potential results with a variety of breast implant sizers placed in special bras.

Murrieta, California (November 2012) – Renuance™ Cosmetic Surgery Center, a plastic surgery practice near Temecula, makes it a priority to educate patients about cosmetic procedures and their probable results before surgery.

Whether the treatment is liposuction or BOTOX® Cosmetic for Temecula area patients, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Brian Eichenberg at Renuance wants women and men who visit his practice to feel confident about their decisions. Dr. Eichenberg places extreme importance on safety, patient care, creating trust and making sure patients know what to expect so that they will be satisfied with the results.

Dr. Eichenberg’s philosophy is the same when it comes to breast augmentation for Riverside County women. As part of the decision-making process, Renuance Cosmetic Surgery Center provides women with two ways to test the probable effects of various-size breast implants: implant sizers and VECTRA® 3D imaging.

During the initial consultation, implant sizers – which are similar to actual breast implants – are inserted inside the cups of a specially designed bra to provide patients with a realistic indication of what their breasts will look like after breast augmentation surgery.

“I encourage women to bring favorite articles of clothing with them to their consultations so they can get a clear idea of how certain sizes will appear in certain outfits and how differently clothing will fit,” says Dr. Eichenberg, who is a member of the California Medical Association, Riverside County Medical Association and Tri-County Surgical Society. “The sizing process is often the most fascinating aspect of the consultation. It’s a lot of fun.”

After the patient tries on a variety of implant sizers and chooses the desired appearance, photographs are taken of her wearing the bra with and without the sizers. The patient takes the pictures home, giving her time to decide if she is satisfied with the potential results.

Beginning in December, Dr. Eichenberg is adding a VECTRA® 3D imaging system, which can also be used during the consultation. Using digital photography, VECTRA creates high-resolution, three-dimensional images of the patient that a surgeon or technician can manipulate to provide yet another way to see the potential outcome of breast augmentation surgery.

“Ultimately, each woman chooses her new breast size,” says Dr. Eichenberg, who has served as a clinical associate professor of surgery at Loma Linda University Medical Center since 2000 and was recognized for his accomplishments by both the California Senate and the United States Congress. “My staff and I present options, answer questions and provide guidance that enables the patient to make an informed decision about the breast implants that she is likely to be most satisfied with.”

Patients are given the opportunity for a follow-up sizing with Dr. Eichenberg before choosing their final implant size. During the follow-up, Dr. Eichenberg will re-evaluate the size the patient has selected and answer any questions the patient may have. Once the size is chosen, the patient’s breast augmentation procedure will be scheduled.

Achieve the beautiful breasts you deserve. Request a consultation online with Dr. Eichenberg, a board-certified plastic surgeon and trusted authority in the field. Or, call his office at (951) 447-8215 to schedule your appointment.

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