Female Breasts In Hot Pink Lacy BraYou cannot have a surgical procedure, any surgical procedure without leaving a scar. However, plastic surgeons are experts in scarring and how to hide and minimize scars. Some patients seek out plastic surgeons for scar revision from previous surgeries. No other type of surgeon spends more time and effort to minimize the effects of scarring.

The amount of scarring that will result from a breast enhancement procedure is predicated on several factors. These factors include the tone and elasticity of the patient’s skin, the skill of the surgeon and the quality of post-operative care.

Certain darker skinned, Asian people and smokers are more prone to scarring than other skin types. These skin types may develop visible scars more often. Smokers notoriously do not heal as well as non-smokers and that can affect scar development.

With breast enhancement, surgical scars will remain firm and pink for up to 6 weeks post surgery. Over the next few months they will fade, but never disappear completely. For some individuals this process can take up to a year.

Location of the scar depends on the incision site and the placement technique used for the breast implant during surgery. A skilled surgeon such as Dr. Eichenberg can leave breast incision scars that are difficult to detect except under very close inspection. The areolar incision has become a choice of many plastic surgeons because the incision is made where the darker skin of the areola meets the lighter skin. This helps to disguise any visible scarring.

Post-operative care is very important in visible scarring. Dr. Eichenberg will give post-op patients an instruction sheet. It is very important for patients to follow these instructions. Some plastic surgeons have recovery programs that they have developed to not only minimize scarring but to speed the recovery process and reduce patient discomfort as well. These recovery programs can include pre and post-operative vitamin regimes, a special course of pain medications, topical skin creams, and medical lymphatic massage all geared to speed recovery and minimize scarring.

You may not be able to completely eliminate surgical scars from breast enhancement surgery, especially if you are an individual whose skin is prone to scarring. But you can minimize the effect of scarring by choosing a board-certified plastic surgeon such as Dr. Eichenberg that is experienced in the type of breast enhancement surgery you are contemplating. You can also speed your recovery and minimize scarring by strictly following your doctors post-operative instructions.

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