When patients visit Renuance Cosmetic Surgery Center seeking an improvement in their bust size, fat transfer is one option they may be considering. Dr. Eichenberg feels it is important for them to understand their options and the benefits or drawbacks of each treatment, and thus feels it is important for women to know that this treatment can lead to confusion on mammograms in the future.

“Recent studies have shown that mammograms performed after fat transfer can create a false suspicion of breast cancer,” states Dr. Eichenberg. “The changes that show up on the mammogram after fat transfer cannot be distinguished from the changes that occur when cancer begins growing, and this can cause a lot of unnecessary fear for some patients.”

While this is a concern, it does not mean that fat transfer is out of the picture for those who are interested in it. “My concern is that women understand what the risks are and do not get too alarmed if they have an abnormal mammogram after the procedure.”

The problems on the mammogram are not indicative of cancer. After a biopsy, most patients find that they are the result of dead fat cells after the transfer.

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