This will be the third in a four blog series giving you all the information you need to know about breast augmentation.

For women researching their options in breast augmentation, Riverside County residents can view their options before heading into a consultation with a surgeon. At the Renuance Cosmetic Surgery Center, Dr. Eichenberg discusses several options with his patients. Generally, the larger the cup size, the larger the breast implant the surgeon will consider, but you still have options with two major implant types. Here’s some information about these options.


This is the traditional method to achieve your desired size, shape, and texture. These implants come in a variety of prefabricated sizes. However, this prefabrication can limit your incision options. Usually this implant type uses a breast fold incision and implanted over or under pectoral muscles. When considering this option, it’s also important to understand that revision surgery may be necessary 7-10 years down the line. No implant lasts forever, but silicone has been known to form calcium deposits after 5-7 years.


As an enhancement option, saline does allow for different incision types for breast augmentation. Riverside County patients of Dr. Eichenberg are often steered toward periareolar, or around the nipple, incisions. This provides full access and minimizes visible scarring. You also have options for incision under the armpit or even access through the navel. From there it will take skill and artistry to fill the silicone implant to your desired size and shape.

Once you arrive for your consultation, you’ll have a better understanding of what your options are and can have a more informed conversation with your surgeon about breast augmentation. Riverside County patients will have their options explored with them, including costs, which varies depending on location and the options chosen. The costs can range from $5000 to more than $10,000 if a breast lift or other procedures are involved. The implants themselves can cost $1,000 or more each. Visit our gallery to see actual before and after photos of breast augmentation. Riverside County patients can boast of their results, and so can you!

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