Caucasian Female In Yellow Blouse Using Smart PhoneNew technological advances help patients seeking cosmetic surgery further explore their options. Imagine being able to use your iPhone or similar device to view before and after pictures of yourself after having cosmetic surgery performed. Today, this innovation is possible with special apps you can purchase. Here are just a couple of them.


The iSurgeon app was developed by a board-certified plastic surgeon. It allows women to simulate their own plastic surgery results using photographs of themselves, with procedures like nose jobs, breast augmentation, and tummy tucks available. It also includes a role playing game that lets the user “become” the plastic surgeon and perform surgery on pre-programmed images of virtual “patients.” The app has Facebook and email connectivity, so you can share your results with others easily if you want. The results from these simulations are not perfect, but the app costs just $0.99 for a “lite” version and $1.99 for the full version.

Body Plastika

Body Plastika is less a game and more a virtual simulation of plastic surgery results. Through this app, you can take a picture of yourself, then test five common facial plastic surgeries on the picture. You can also simulate liposuction on many major areas of your body. The developers state that this app can be used to show your plastic surgeon the results you would like to achieve through your surgery. This app costs $1.99. Unlike iSurgeon, it does not include a game feature.

Programs like this are an excellent idea to experiment with size, shape, and look for your Temecula breast augmentation procedure. When you are ready to schedule a consultation, please visit