Because plastic surgery is typically elective, it tends to have seasonal trends. The needs of patients change as the year progresses, and understanding these trends will help patients schedule their procedures early enough to ensure a slot.

Take breast augmentation for instance. Many choose to enhance and improve the appearance of their breasts before swimsuit season. The desire for great curves sends many women to their plastic surgeon. These surgeries typically occur in the late winter or early spring, which is ideal because it gives the body a chance to heal before swimsuit season hits. Dr. Eichenberg reminds patients, “It can take six to eight weeks for results from breast enhancement to be fully visible, so it is best to have these surgeries well before summer hits.”

Similarly, many patients will seek out the help of a plastic surgeon for liposuction after the holidays. With New Year’s resolutions fresh on their minds, these patients opt to have a surgeon give them a head start on their healthier eating, better image goals for the upcoming year.

In the summer, when many women are preparing for their weddings, skin care and Botox treatments become popular. According to Dr. Eichenberg, “Most brides-to-be realize there is not time to heal from an extensive surgery, but they do want to look their best, and so they opt for skin care treatments and wrinkle reducers that require no recovery time, but promise excellent results.”

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