Woman With Black Hair Wearing Long Earrings and Beige Spaghetti Strap With Flower PrintIf you are considering breast enlargement surgery, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Eichenberg at Renuance Cosmetic Surgery Center can help. Patients considering this surgery have many options to consider, including both the placement of the implant and the incision site that will work best for them.

Implant placement options include sub glandular, sub pectoral, sub muscular. Sub glandular placement puts the implant on top of the muscle directly behind the breast tissue. This is the simplest placement, but it has some cons. “I often avoid this placement for patients with very little breast tissue,” states Dr. Eichenberg. “With little tissue to camouflage the implant, rippling can sometimes be seen.”

Sub pectoral placement puts the breast implant partially under the muscular tissue. With this placement, only the top half of the implant is covered by the muscle. This makes rippling less obvious, but does not create a natural appearance in women who have a lot of breast sag.

Finally, sub muscular placement puts the implant completely under the muscle. This hides it the best, but in women who have a lot of sag, it can create a “double bubble” look, or the appearance of two bumps, because the implant sits below the sagging breast.

Dr. Eichenberg also helps his patients choose an incision site for their implants. Options include the areola, axillary, or inframammary. Areola incisions cut the exact place between the dark and light skin on the breast, allowing the scar to blend in this natural area. An axillary incision is used for patients who choose implants that are inflated after they are placed in the body. These incisions sit in the armpit, where they are virtually hidden simply by the area of the body where they are. Finally, inframammary incisions sit below the fold of the breast, where they are hidden by the breast tissue

If you are considering breast augmentation, Riverside plastic surgeon Dr. Eichenberg is ready to help you weigh your choices and make the best ones for your situation. Visit us today at www.renuance.net to see actual before and after pictures of patients, and to learn more about whether or not you are a good candidate for this surgery.