Women who have had augmentation performed on their breasts have special needs. Because their chest is now larger, it’s more subject to the effects of gravity. While their new implants might be perfectly perky now, in a few years, they could begin to sag because of the extra weight.

One way to counteract these changes is by wearing a bra all day and night. Unfortunately, modern bras simply aren’t comfortable enough for this kind of long-term wear. Sharp and stabbing underwire can dig into women’s skin, while overly tight straps can limit circulation.

As a plastic and cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Brian Eichenberg knew there was something he could do for his augmented patients to prevent this, so he teamed up with fashion designer Ankur Chakraborty to design the world’s best breast augmentation bra.

What Is the Breast Whisperer Bra?

The Breast Whisperer Bra for augmented women provides a soft, perfect fit to help ease the natural effects of gravity. It was specially designed for wear during the day and the night, meaning it’s extremely comfortable and doesn’t dig into the skin. Overall, it can help women with implants keep their breasts full, feminine, and perfectly shaped without the need for a stiff and confining underwire. Because this variant is tailored just for women with implants, it’s meant to handle bigger cups sizes to counteract the effects of gravity.

How the Breast Whisperer Bra Works

Dr. Eichenberg considers the Breast Whisperer Bra a marriage between fashion and science. It combines innovative support with top-quality materials for a product that both looks good and offers superior fit.

The Breast Whisperer Bra is constructed out of medical-grade breathable fabric that won’t suffocate the skin or smash down the breasts. Rather, it offers a soft yet supportive feel that fits well under all types of clothing. There is no excess fabric on the breast augmentation bra; rather, the bra is cut precisely to offer the best fit to help eliminate bra lines or rolls under the clothing.

Unlike a regular bra, support in the Breast Whisperer Bra comes from both the middle and on the sides. This means that no matter what position a woman is sleeping in, everything will be held in one place. The bra is able to do this without the help of metal or plastic, so women don’t have to worry about getting jabbed with something sharp and pointy if they toss and turn during sleep.

Finally, the two supportive straps help to relieve pressure on the shoulders because the seams are an inch lower than typical bras. Rather than placing the full weight of the breasts on the shoulders, this redistributes the weight onto the collarbone, which offers additional comfort and relief.

The Breast Whisperer

Keep your breasts younger and perkier with The Breast Whisperer bra. Prevent stretching and physical aging with the most comfortable daytime-nighttime support garment you’ll ever own.

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Benefits of the Breast Whisperer Bra for Augmented Women

While this bra benefits everyone, it has particular benefits for augmented women because of the larger mass of their breasts. Having a bigger bosom puts these women at risk for increased wrinkles in the décolletage as well as sagging, less-than-perky breasts. With this breast augmentation bra, women can protect their investment and keep themselves looking young and supple for years to come.

Additionally, the fabric of this breast augmentation bra is a blend of 95 percent nylon and 5 percent spandex/elastane, meaning the bra can easily be tossed in the washing machine without worrying about it shrinking or stretching out.

But overall, the most important benefit of the Breast Whisperer Bra is comfort. Most women can’t wait to take their bra off at the end of the day; some women even take off their bra off as soon as they get in their car after work. Unfortunately, this can have drastic consequences for women with breast implants. If they don’t wear a bra at night, their breasts aren’t supported, creating wrinkles. This is especially true for women that always sleep on a certain side, as this stretches the breasts out in one direction, causing wrinkles on the one side.

With the Breast Whisperer Bra, women won’t have a problem wearing their bra at night because it’s so comfortable. They’ll be able to prevent wrinkles without sacrificing their nightly well-being.

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If you’re a woman with implants, you need to do everything you can to keep your breasts looking as firm and supple as the day you got your augmentation performed.

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