Although Baby Boomers accounted for nearly 28 percent of aesthetic cosmetic procedures performed in 2010, it was the younger Generation X-ers that surprisingly had more procedures done. In fact, according to a recent study conducted by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, it was found that Generation X-ers, that is adults ages 31-45, accounted for nearly 43 percent or $10.1 billion in cosmetic procedures in 2010. While there are many possible explanations for this shift in interest for cosmetic procedures for younger generations, including seeking a competitive edge to remain viable in the workplace as well as in social settings, there may be a more pressing matter guiding this trend. Dr. Eichenberg, a board certified plastic surgeon in the Temecula and Murrieta area explains.

According to Dr. Eichenberg, while seeking out cosmetic procedures for social and work related reasons is still prevalent, the biggest reason that he has noticed for growing interest in cosmetic procedures among the Generation X-ers is to implement early or preventative maintenance measures to prolong the signs of aging. The logic is such that, taking the time now for preventative maintenance measures can and will result in a longer-lasting youthful look that will ultimately require little to no surgical maintenance throughout the aging process.

While Baby Boomers are expected to undergo cosmetic procedures to reverse the already evident signs of aging, Generation X-ers are not typically experiencing this and are focused on preventing the onset signs of aging from happening in the first place; the results of which often require less invasive procedures. In doing so, Generation X-ers are opting for more nonsurgical procedures than surgical ones, as indicated in the study conducted by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Specifically, of the 13.1 million reported cosmetic procedures, 11.6 million were nonsurgical in nature.

Such findings preclude at least two trends in the world of aesthetic cosmetic procedures. First, cosmetic procedures will continue to increase annually throughout the foreseeable future. Secondly, with younger generations becoming more interested with preventing the signs of aging, it is likely that Baby Boomers will also be seeking plastic surgery along with Generation X-ers.

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