Triglyceride levels have sometimes been used to predict a patient’s risk for stroke, heart disease, and diabetes. According to a recent report, liposuction may actually lower these numbers, thus having the potential to be more than just a cosmetic procedure.

The results, which were presented at the September meeting of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, followed 322 patients who had liposuction. Those who had high triglyceride levels prior to surgery had an average post surgery reduction of 43 percent. While this is impressive in and of itself, it is even more impressive when you realize that this is almost double the effect achieved using prescription drugs.

“This is great news for plastic surgeons,” stated Dr. Eichenberg. “We know we help patients to feel better about their bodies, but now we just might help them improve their physical health as well.

The study also showed that subcutaneous fat, the type removed by liposuction, is important to the metabolism. According to Dr. Eichenberg, “These are important findings, not only to plastic surgeons, but also to the entire medical community, as they may change the way in which we approach heart disease and obesity.”

Of course, when they are considering liposuction, Riverside and Hemet patients are often trying to look better. To see what a difference this procedure can make for you, visit our liposuction page.