Nude Female Body Covered With Sheet At The WaistMen and women who have recently experienced dramatic weight loss, women who’ve had multiple pregnancies, and people who have a difficult time losing weight in their mid-section may be good candidates for an abdominoplasty.

Abdominoplasty surgery, also known as a tummy tuck, is a procedure in which the excess skin and fat in the mid-section is removed and the muscles of the abdomen are tightened.

When the muscles of the abdomen become loose or separated, the abdomen sticks out, but once they have been sutured back together, the abdomen is flatter. The remaining skin is then closed over the newly tightened abdominal muscles to create a more contoured, flattering mid-section.

Often times, an abdominoplasty may be done in conjunction with other procedures, such as liposuction, a breast lift, or a thigh lift to provide greater enhancement.

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