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Archive for July, 2011

Breast Augmentation in Riverside Focuses on Symmetry

Published on July 23, 2011 by

When most people think of breast augmentation, they think of women striving for larger chests, but this is not always the case. Some women who are born with breast asymmetry find it difficult to bras and other clothing that fit,

Breast Reduction in Temecula Brings High Patient Satisfaction

Published on July 15, 2011 by

Patients often seek cosmetic surgery to feel better about their appearance, but for those looking for breast reduction, there are more reasons than just the way they look. Overly large breasts can cause painful physical symptoms, and that is the

Majority of Americans OK with Plastic Surgery in Temecula and Around the Country

Published on July 8, 2011 by

In a recent study commissioned through he American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, 51 percent of Americans reported that they approved of cosmetic plastic surgery, and this number was regardless of income. This represents a 3 percent increase since 2009.

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