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VECTRA® 3D Imaging

VECTRARenuance Cosmetic Surgery Center is proud to offer complementary 3D imaging and surgery simulation with all breast consultations using the VECTRA 3D Imaging System. Both Dr. Filip and Dr. Eichenberg use this revolutionary tool for planning and visualizing your breast surgery. It can accurately perform all necessary measurements involved in breast surgery down to the millimeter and then simulate the look of any size implant or lift using your precise dimensions.

This high-tech device quickly scans your upper body and builds a three-dimensional computer model to help you and your surgeon better communicate how you would like to look and what is possible. VECTRA creates a 3D computer model, which can be adjusted to simulate how you could look with various sizes and shapes of breast implants or with a breast lift. You and your surgeon can use these images to decide on your ideal breast size and shape.

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How It Works

A specially designed multi-angle camera system takes images of your upper body from several angles. Unique software and a special computer then converts these images into a 3D model which you and your surgeon can look at from any angle and make extremely precise measurements.

Dr. Filip or Dr. Eichenberg can then virtually enhance the 3D image to show you how you could look after surgery. VECTRA uses a mathematical rendering of your exact proportions to illustrate how you can look after surgery.

VECTRA 3D Imaging Videos

Making a Confident Decision

VectraThe VECTRA 3D imaging system offers an unparalleled opportunity for communication between you and your surgeon before you ever choose a procedure. You will be able to thoroughly explore your options and literally see every angle as you discuss your goals.

While VECTRA cannot perfectly predict your actual final results, it is the most advanced surgical planning tool available to today. Renuance Cosmetic Surgery Center has enabled thousands of women to see their new breasts before ever setting foot in the operating room. After seeing your VECTRA 3D images you’ll go into surgery with total confidence that you’ve made all the right choices.




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