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Plastic Surgery Blog Temecula

Tummy Tuck Recovery — Post-Operative Murrieta

Though the tummy tuck is popular and highly effective, it’s important to know that it is one of the most invasive surgical procedures available. When undergoing a corrective procedure of this magnitude, one that combines multiple techniques, it’s important to

Fat Transfer — Non-Surgical Grafting Murrieta

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Brian Eichenberg offers a safe and simple process of fat transferring that starts with suctioning body fat with liposuction. This fat transfer process provides benefits to multiple areas of the face and/or body at the same time, as unwanted

Breast Revision — Murrieta Corrective Augmentation Surgery

In some cases, women can experience any number of undesirable results with their implants. This can occur right after surgery or over time. Breast revision surgery is a procedure offered by Dr. Brian Eichenberg that can correct the issue and

Thigh Lift — Murrieta Body-Contouring Procedure

Thigh lift surgery is a popular procedure for patients who have experienced major weight loss or who are looking to have firmer upper legs. Dr. Brian Eichenberg is a board-certified plastic surgeon with a great deal of experience in thigh

Facelift Recovery — Healing Murrieta Post-Operative Care

During a facelift, Dr. Brian Eichenberg will help you look more youthful by removing excess skin and fat while lifting the tissue. Because tissue alteration is involved, the procedure can create bruising and swelling. To heal correctly during the facelift

Neck Lift — Sagging Murrieta Skin Tightening

Over time, our skin starts to give away our true age as it loses elasticity and the production of collagen slows. This can cause our skin to sag, most notably in areas like our neck and jawline. The creation of

Fat Grafting — Liposuction Facial Treatment Murrieta

In years past, the force of gravity was believed to be the primary culprit responsible for facial aging. However, recent studies have shown that the large majority of wrinkling and sagging skin is the product of volume loss around the

Breast Reduction — Surgery Consultation Murrieta

Large breasts can eventually turn into a major problem, resulting in physical pain around the neck, shoulders and back. They can also make normal activities like exercise nearly impossible without severe discomfort. In addition to the physical anguish, some women

Mommy Makeover — Body-Contouring Surgery Murrieta

One of the greatest gifts in life is bringing life into the world. But motherhood is a gift that comes with many challenges. The cost that pregnancy and breastfeeding can have on the body is a problem many women deal

Tummy Tuck — Abdominoplasty Murrieta Body Procedure

Dissatisfaction with a particular aspect of your body is commonplace. Some of the more reoccurring complaints among patients involve loose skin and extra fat. Both of these issues can be present around the abdomen and are at times exasperated by

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