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Plastic Surgery Blog Temecula

Fat Transfer — Non-Surgical Option Murrieta

Board-certified surgeon Dr. Brian Eichenberg‘s safe and simple process of fat transferring starts with the harvesting of your body’s own fat through the tried and true process of liposuction. This fat transfer process thankfully provides benefits to multiple areas of

Giving the Gift of Cosmetic Surgery

I’ve had many a breast augmentation patient at my Riverside-area practice tell me she was getting breast implants as a gift to herself. At this time of year, when we have gifts for others on our minds, the following question

You’re Not So Vain: Cosmetic Surgery’s Healthy Side

In my years performing plastic surgery in the Temecula and Murrieta area, I’ve seen firsthand many times the emotional boost patients get from cosmetic enhancement. Choosing to have a procedure to improve something a person doesn’t like about himself or

Too Soon? The Right Age for Breast Augmentation

It’s one of the primary concerns I hear from patients — what is the right age for a woman to have breast augmentation? At my practice serving Riverside and Murrieta, when I consult with women interested in getting larger breasts,

Coupons for Plastic Surgery?

Students at Washington State University are getting a lot more than pizza coupons in the latest “Student Survival Guide” to come their way. Amid the colorful advertisements meant to lure students — and their limited funds — to sandwich shops

Considering a Cosmetic Procedure? Stick With the Tried and True

You’ve heard this old adage: “If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.” This timeless advice can be applied to almost anything, from shopping for a new car to booking a vacation package. When your body and

3 Tips for Breast Augmentation Safety

A recent story out of Beijing reads like an urban legend: an unsuspecting woman’s breast implants burst, earning her a trip to the hospital and a place in the “plastic surgery gone wrong” hall of fame. Doctors say poor quality

A New Perspective on Sunscreen Application

As a plastic surgeon in the Temecula Valley, I see a lot of patients interested in skin treatments to reverse sun damage. Part of the treatment process includes a discussion of how daily application of sunscreen protects skin for long-lasting

NEW elōs® Plus by Syneron®: The Latest in Laser Treatment at Renuance™

We have added a new laser platform for those interested in the latest in non-surgical skin care in Temecula, CA. It’s the elōs Plus by Syneron and it is built on the most current technology for laser skin rejuvenation. It

Worth a Shot: BOTOX® Tested as a Weight Loss Aid

It’s been used as a therapy for muscle spasms, certain neurological movement disorders, migraine, sweating and, of course, to lessen frown lines on the brow. It’s even being suggested as a treatment for depression. So can BOTOX also help people

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