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Murrieta: (951) 506-1040

Plastic Surgery Blog Temecula

Want to Rejuvenate Your Lashes?

Latisse Long, dark eyelashes make the eyes look more prominent and appealing. As the eyes can express so much with subtle changes, many people try their best to make their eyes look healthy and beautiful. Eyelashes, like most other bodily

Thigh Lift to Achieve Shapely Thighs

With аll thе excitement оf losing weight, many people overlook the fact that extra ѕkin folds are left following weight loss. With age, the ѕkin often loses itѕ ability tо shrink dоwn tо fit thе size оf the body’s underlying

Breast Reduction — Surgery Consultation Murrieta

Large breasts can eventually turn into a major problem, resulting in physical pain around the neck, shoulders and back. They can also make normal activities like exercise nearly impossible without severe discomfort. In addition to the physical anguish, some women

Breast Lift vs. Breast Augmentation in Murrieta

Breast augmentations and breast lifts do have similarities, but women considering these procedures need to understand that they are different surgeries that have different end goals. At Renuance, Dr. Brian Eichenberg aims to help each patient find the procedure that

Abdominoplasty at Renuance

Men and women who have recently experienced dramatic weight loss, women who’ve had multiple pregnancies, and people who have a difficult time losing weight in their mid-section may be good candidates for an abdominoplasty. Abdominoplasty surgery, also known as a tummy

Not All Fat Grafting Is the Same

Fat grafting is the process by which fat is transferred from specific parts of the body (such as the hips, thighs and other such locations) to other parts of the body (hands, face and neck) that have lost fat due

Botox Injections — Non-Surgical Botulinum Toxin Murrieta

With the thralls of summer upon us, many sun-seeking adventurers are wondering whether or not it is safe to combine their Botox treatments with sun exposure. Though Botox injections are not affected by the sun, it’s wise to avoid excessive

Brow Lift — Facial Surgery Murrieta

The brow lift procedure is a great surgical option for those looking to correct the sagging and drooping that occurs around the forehead due to aging. Over time, our skin’s ability to remain tight, firm and wrinkle free is compromised. An aging

Consultation — Breast Augmentation Murrieta

After a woman has made the decision to follow through with a breast augmentation, the procedure techniques and other decisions will be determined during the consultation. These are affected by her physiology and the operating surgeon’s recommendations. For example, Dr. Brian

Breast Correction Surgery — Murrieta Revision

If you have experienced problems with your implants or you would like to change your breast size, consult with the breast whisperer, Dr. Brian Eichenberg. Breast correction surgery can help patients achieve the smooth, soft and natural-looking breasts they originally

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